The 1970s Office (2004)

The 1970s Office


It hardly bears thinking about, but just imagine having to live without all the technology that we take for granted. We panic when we go to work and discover that we've left our mobile phones at home. We're enraged when our computers crash and we can't order our weekly shopping over the web. Once upon a time there was a strange world without computers, mobiles and the internet. Instead of bluetooth keyboards there were typewriters. The only way to get money from your bank was to stand in a queue and write a cheque. But we're bringing that scary world back to life in The 1970s Office, a retro-scripted reality series that will celebrate the awfulness (and the richness) of the recent past. We'll do this by meticulously recreating the typical 70s office and installing a bunch of fickle, precious and competitive admen for the toughest test of their careers. Assigned that seventies' favourite, The Space Hopper, they will work towards their ad campaign pitch. For two weeks,