The 1970s: That Was The Decade That Was (2016)

The 1970s: That Was The Decade That Was

This is Channel Five's five part documentary from 2006 about the much maligned 1970's. Commercial nostalgia has transformed the 1970's into the ABBA-decade, old-timers from the "revolutionary" 1960's decry the 70's as the backlash decade when all good dreams turned sour and everything went to hell, and most others have a giggle at spandex, platform, shoes and other silly 70's fashion. Ah, there was punk, too, conflated into a few Six Pistol songs...

But as this documentary shows, the 1970's, truly, had been much more amazing, diverse, innovative alive and ugly than many of us who've been there seem to remember and many of us who came along later seem to realize. Time for a re-evaluation?