Adhu Idhu Yedhu (2009)

Adhu Idhu Yedhu

Adhu Idhu Edhu (English: That This Which) is a Tamil celebrity game show on the regional television channel Vijay TV of Star TV. It is a very popular show. It is aired weekly, and there are three guest celebrities who participate. The program involves three levels. Players may lose points at every level and are provided with a thousand points at the start. The one having the maximum number of points eventually wins the game. The show was hosted by Sivakarthikeyan, who is the main highlight. He carries the job of hosting and creating laughter riots effortlessly. It's telecast every Saturday night at 7PM. The show recently celebrated the 150th week on 21st of April. Currently it is being hosted by Ma Ka Pa Anand, started from Aug 4 2012. It is directed by Thomson who has earlier directed Comedy shows such as Kalakapovathu Yaaru and Comedy Kings.