Al-Nadam (2016)


Syrian series revolves around the story of a 40-year-old TV writer (Erwa), whose story begins on the night of Baghdad's fall, to show historical events and political turns from 2003 until now. Ibrahim al-Ghoul (Saloum Haddad) begins his journey from scratch, builds himself and becomes a great business owner. He entrusts his management to his son, Suhail (Ahmad al-Ahmad), but leaves everything behind and decides to leave because of his cruel father's treatment , And changed him from his younger brother, "Erwa" (Mahmoud Nasr), who considered him a profiteer at his expense. This is how the eldest son Abdo (Bassam Yakhour) manages the family's investments and develops them with a modern logic that harnesses him in favor of his ambitions for power and influence. He becomes a true, no limit to his sincerity without paying any attention to any human consideration