Alchemists Turn To Cooking (2005)

Alchemists Turn To Cooking

Through the portrait of three master chefs, these films tell only one single story - the search of a culinary ideal.

Science is taking over high gastronomy. Dedicated to master chefs (Ferran Adria - El Bulli, Heston Blumenthal - The Fat Duck and Pierre Gagnaire - Pierre Gagnaire), this series tells the story of a quiet revolution in cooking. The science of food has set on fire the culinary creativity of our master chefs. Today, innovation in cooking requires the use of new technologies. The contribution of physics and chemistry questions traditional cooking and challenges some of its great principles. In Paris, the world capital of gastronomy, Pierre Gagnaire is one of the first master chefs to have taken over the data of this research to bring about some change in his creations. The daring Catalan, Ferran Adria, has turned about all traditional points of reference. Awarded three stars by the Michelin guide, Ferran Adria is today the well known leader in world cuisine. In his modest restaurant of the Barcelona region, we have access to a cuisine full of emotions. Heston Blumenthal, from England, is well inspired and futuristic. He claims to have a relationship with the very technical approach of Ferran Adria and molecular gastronomy and goes much beyond in that holistic vision of cooking. He explores the mechanisms triggered by food in the inmost depths of our brain and revolutionizes the definition of taste.