All Star Glam Exam (2011)

All Star Glam Exam


Hosts: 草蜢 (Grasshoper) Each episode features various popular Hong Kong celebrities participating in games to win money and/or prizes. Unlike the Super Trio series, the games in All Star Glam Exam are less provocative. Games usually consists of solving puzzles, answering questions, guessing games, and judging. [edit]Games Round 1: King of Posing (明星Pose王) Round 2: Glamorous Tasting Competition (華麗品味賽) Round 3: The Great 'Grasshopper' Meal (蜢人飯局) Round 4: Special games Star Managers (明星經理人), with performers Ceci Tai, Cheronna Ng, Amy Chio (Episode 1) Glamorous Gallery (華麗Gallery) Glamorous Dance Hall (華麗舞廳) Glamorous Garden (華麗花園) Stars' Photo Gallery (明星照相館) Round 5: Star Jackpot (明星Jackpot)