Silver Spoon (Mazhor) (2014)

Silver Spoon (Mazhor)


The protagonist Igor Sokolovsky is labeled by people as "Silver Spoon", because he is the son of a high-ranking and wealthy parent. He has a law degree, but has never worked for a single day in his life. He is an irresponsible and arrogant playboy. On one typical night binge he stands up for his friend in a fight and scuffles with police officers. After this mishap, his wealthy father cut up his credit cards and found him an internship at a shabby police station, where he must prove his worth. At the police station he is no one, disdained by everyone. Instead of letting it get to him, Igor rises to the challenge and soon discovers that he has a real talent for police work. But the story takes a serious twist when evidence from his past comes back to haunt him.