The Smiling, Proud Wanderer (2018)

The Smiling, Proud Wanderer


A story of a student from the righteous sect who ventures into the martial arts world and befriends people, both good and bad, in his journey to become a powerful swordsman.

It begins when the righteous sects wage war against the Sun Moon Sect. Under the leadership of Yue Jian Sect, the people of jianghu unite with a common goal to destroy the enemy. In order to consolidate power, everyone searches for the legendary scroll that is said to contain powerful martial arts techniques. Linghu Chong who is a student of the Hua Shang Sect receives an order from his master to visit the Lin Family but ends up witnessing the Lin household being massacred overnight. Throughout his journey, Linghu Chong meets Ren Ying Ying and Bai Bu and forges a friendship with them, oblivious to their ties to the evil sect.