SportsCentury (1999)



Please pardon the current appearance of the SportsCentury guide at TV Tome. No editor has successfully gathered the complete list of episodes in their correct order. I, theman999, the chief editor of SportsCentury, and other editors will work their hardest to make the guide correct. We now seek ESPN's help. Please write them and ask for a complete and correct list of all SportsCentury episodes, with their original air dates affixed. The address to write to is: Communications Dept., ESPN, ESPN Plaza, Bristol, CT 06010. The founder of the SportsCentury guide at TV Tome sought to honor those who were selected by ESPN as the Fifty Greatest Athletes of the Twentieth Century. Athletes ranked #50 to #3 were profiled in 48 half-hour programs, titled Fifty Greatest Athletes, broadcast on ESPN January 8-December 24, 1999. ABC televised a one-hour finale devoted to Athletes #2 and #1 on December 26, 1999. ESPN Classic ran these Fifty Greatest Athletes profiles for several mont