Stop Skeletons From Fighting (2014)

Stop Skeletons From Fighting


Hello, I'm Derek Alexander, and I've been producing video reviews of retro (and sometimes modern) video games for over 7 years.

When I started producing reviews in 2007, I was known as the Happy Video Game Nerd (HVGN). In late-2014 I dropped the HVGN name and established Stop Skeletons From Fighting, a new outlet for video reviews (and other future projects). Even though I’ve dropped the HVGN name, I still strive to set myself apart from the typical review show by using a positive spin to highlight lesser-known or underrated games and occasionally entire series. Some of the titles I've covered include:

-Earthbound -Jumping Flash! -Gargoyle's Quest -Splatterhouse -Parasite Eve -Sweet Home -Wild Guns -Illbleed

Haven't heard of some of these games? That's the point!