Suami Sebelah Rumah (2015)

Suami Sebelah Rumah


Ayda musk who plays as Eryna had to apply for Amar to be her husband when her fiance, acting Nazrief Nazri Aziz asked their engagement cancelled on their wedding day. Amar, who apparently acting Izzue Islam childhood love Eryna Eryna accept requests with sincere hearts. Without the knowledge of their parents, Eryna force them to live separately after moving to Kuala Lumpur. Amar comply with the requirements of Eryna who are still not ready to open the door for her heart. Amar determination to try to seduce Eryna and the best way is to become next door neighbour.

Amar attendance cheering Iman and Anis, Eryna housemates. Eryna desperately tries on her husband, who now lives next door. The situation became chaotic when Eryna's housemates, Anis fall in love with Amar. While Eryna had stated that he would never love or fall in love with Amar, Amar bit of seriousness successfully knocked her but she tried to deny. How Eryna reaction when her own husband grabs her friends? Are Eryna still with her ego in the house next to her husband?