Super Secret TV Formulas (2003)

Super Secret TV Formulas


SuperSecret TV Formulas is a series celebrating the TV clichés that have had us talking back to our sets for decades. It's about the cute little kid who magically appears when the other kids on a show have lost their cuteness. The "very special" episode. The curse of the evil twin. The characters who sure acted gay but couldn't be gay The revelation after a season of plot twists that, thank god, it was all just a dream. The show looks back at the formula and folly of TV, the kinds of shows, episodes, characters and devices that TV execs returned to over and over. It's a mixture of clips and commentary from comics, actors, critics and TV insiders. A full-blown analysis/celebration of the important questions raised by TV: Was Scrappy Doo a NARC? Can a car have an evil twin? And why doesn't television have more singing cops?