Supersize Grime (2011)

Supersize Grime


This programme follows the characters, the science, the nightmares and the huge dangers that specialist clean-up teams face while keeping the UK’s biggest structures and facilities grime-free. This is filth on a massive scale – Britain’s dirtiest tower block, foulest sewage system and biggest hoarders. In their own ways they all pose huge and complex problems – especially for the people who commit their professional lives to keeping them as clean, safe and low-risk as possible. The series also reveals how nuclear power stations are decommissioned, how cross-Channel ferries are kept clean, what it takes to clear tons of pigeon droppings from huge buildings and how clean-up teams tidy up at some of the nation’s biggest stadiums and sporting events. Narrated by beloved actor Neil Morrissey, ‘Supersize Grime’ offers a fascinating insight into the art of extreme cleaning and the true horrors of grime prevention as tidying crews from all over Britain deal with all manner of big, dirty jobs.