The Surreal Gourmet (2002)

The Surreal Gourmet

A Ride Your Dinner Guests Won’t Forget!

Bob Blumer, (a.k.a. The Surreal Gourmet) is one of today’s most imaginative food personalities. Whether he is poaching salmon in a dishwasher or grilling beer can chicken, his unique approach to cooking transforms every day ingredients into a dining adventure.

In each episode of this rock n’ roll-style culinary tour, Bob travels to a colourful venue in his gleaming Toastermobile (an Airstream trailer customized with a professional stainless steel kitchen, and topped with two eight-foot slices of toast). There he shows his chosen hosts how to prepare a complete dinner party that will transform them into culinary heroes- and make them the “toast” of the town.

All of the dishes are mined from Bob’s deceptively simple-yet uniquely imaginative- repertoire. The menus include an appetizer, entrée and dessert. Locations range from visually stimulating outdoor settings like a vineyard, to unique environments that the Toastermobile can pull into (the local heritage fire hall).