Tajemnica twierdzy szyfrów (2007)

Tajemnica twierdzy szyfrów

It's 1945, last two months of World War II. The American and Russian intelligence services are desperately looking for the secret 'Apparatus'- a device which helps Germans to decipher Soviet telegrams. Functioning of this machine is associated with one of the biggest secrets of World War II - construction of the atom bomb in the underground laboratories of Lower Silesia complex "Riese". The tracks lead to the Tschocha Castle in Lower Silesia. Polish agent- Johan Jorg arrives there and he is employed as a cryptologist to work with 'Apparatus'. Jorg passes information to the radiotelegraph operator - Natalia. Thanks to her, a special intelligence group, led by Howard Compaigne -American cryptologist and commodore, and by Andrzej Czerny -an officer of Polish intelligence, prepares for a strike. Russians also send their agents near Tschocha. The castle is ruled by Hans Jacob Globcke, the head of security who is supported by Matheas Beer. Globcke discovers that Jorg released a Polish prisoner of war- Andrzej Czerny in 1939. He suspects Jorg to be an allied spy and frantically searches for evidences against Jorg. When Natalia is arrested by Globcke it seems that nothing can save Jorg. A special commando group with Compaign and Czerny heads towards the castle in order to contact Jorg. Despite their sacrifice and heroism, Globcke exports 'Apparatus' into the heart of Germany. However, their efforts are not wasted. Compaigne, Czerny and Jorg finally get to 'Apparatus' but they don't receive any commendation from the superiors. They are dismissed from the army. - Written by patoriku